NLN Examination Portal Technical Requirements

The Examination Portal is completely web-based and requires only a Web browser.

Taking Exams and Practice Tests

Operating systems

  • Windows 7+
  • Mac OS X v10.4 or higher

Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9 and up                            
  • Firefox 3 and Firefox 4+ *
    • Not compatible with the score reports                                             
  • Safari 4 and Safari 5                                      
  • ‚ÄčChrome *                                           
  • ‚ÄčOpera

On Mobile Devices

  • Chrome
  • Android browser 2+
  • iOS 4+                  

Internet Connection

  • Stable broadband connection, DSL or better
  • 100kbps for minimum
  • Recommended 500kbps to ensure fluidity of all services


  • Microphone
    • Required for online proctoring
  • Speakers / headphones
    • Required for online proctoring

* Due to the frequent release schedule of these browsers, full support of new versions cannot be guaranteed. Questionmark makes every effort to support the latest versions of these browsers as they are released.

Other web browsers or devices may be used; however, they have not been tested by Questionmark and cannot be guaranteed to work in all circumstances.

Viewing Score Reports

Same requirements as above, with the exception that the reports are NOT compatible with the Firefox Web browser.




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