Important Information for Candidates
To avoid some common technical challenges that may prevent you from being able to complete your exam on the your first attempt, please carry out these actions prior to initiating your exam appointment.
  1. Set your local time zone.  This must be done before you schedule your proctoring appointment. 
  2. Consult this FAQ and perform the various checks highlighted in the article.
  3. Conduct a system test.
Candidates should be very familiar with the material before taking the exam.  Product manual PDFs are provided from within the exam for reference.  The Table of Contents is enabled for navigation but the search function is disabled.  Candidate should not expect to be able to search for keywords and answers during the exam.  Candidates master the material beforehand to be successful.  Note too that the product manual PDFs will open in a separate window from the exam questions, and might end up hidden behind the exam window.

PCVE Exam Introduction

Polycom is proud to continue the Polycom Certified Video Conferencing Engineer (PCVE) program.  This certification is considered an important element that proves efficiency of the candidate to perform implementation, configuration and troubleshooting operations on the Polycom Infrastructure.  In addition, holding a PCVE certification validates the individual’s knowledge of networking models, standards and protocols relevant to videoconferencing.

Preparing for the Exam

Candidates are not required to attend training prior to attempting the exam. Should they wish to do so, the recommended courses are the following:

  • Fundamentals Series FSIT201
  • RealPresence Platform: Implementation, Configuration & Troubleshooting (Level 2) RPIIT202

In addition, the RealPresence Platform domains are ‘open book’ meaning approved reference material may be used.   Approved material will be provided with the exam.

Exam domains include:

  • Polycom Video Endpoints
  • Collaboration Servers
  • Management Applications

Call Control & Signaling

  • Enterprise Video Capture
  • Firewall Traversal

Please reference the PCVE Exam Blueprint for more detailed objective information.


The certification will remain valid for a period of two years, and Polycom will update the question bank at least once a year to reflect new releases. The updates will be aligned with those applied to the “RealPresence Platform: Implementation, Configuration & Troubleshooting (Level 2) RPIIT202” course.

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