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Data Literacy Test Sample


Welcome to the Questionmark Data Literacy by Cambridge Assessment test sample.

The test is designed to assess your data literacy – that is your ability to understand, apply, review and communicate data. Your score will indicate how strong your data literacy skills are and help identify if you have training needs in this area. 

This sample has three questions to answer in 5 minutes. In the real test, there are 32 questions to answer in 40 minutes. 
You will be awarded one point for each question answered correctly. There is no negative scoring.
The Assessment Navigator button assessment nav.PNG at the bottom of the screen will allow you to navigate between questions. 
There is a Highlight Question Highlight.PNG button you can use to mark a question you want to go back to later. 

We also suggest that you have a calculator calculator.png , pen pencil.png and paper paper.png ready before you start the test, in case you want to use them when answer questions. 

To begin the test, click Start.

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